Our curricula offer opportunities to explore materials and the environment, to develop relationships with peers and adults, and to learn autonomy and self control. Units of study are developed by our teachers based on student interests and abilities. In addition, we believe that developing emotional intelligence and life skills are vitally important and include components such as conflict resolution, self-control, bullying prevention, emotional awareness and coping with emotions in our activities and curricula.

Small classes are important in implementing our philosophy of learning. Our pupil-teacher ratio of five-to-one enables the teacher to care for the needs of the individual child within the framework of a stimulating peer group. Our mixed-age grouping provides many opportunities for students to learn from one another. We also incorporate ability based small group work during our school day. Teachers communicate openly with parents as a natural component of our program. The close relationship between teacher, child, and family provides the caring atmosphere essential in the development of a true joy in learning.

We offer a state-licensed Preschool Program for children ages 3-5, both half-day and full-day Kindergarten Programs, and a full-day Primary School Program for children ages 5-8.